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Mr. Joel Zamel is a founder and investor in a series of private firms whose services span: crowdsourced intelligence analysis, expert wargaming, forecasting simulations, influence operations, social media campaigns, private investment brokering and election campaign strategy and management. 


Zamel’s group of companies currently includes a number of private intelligence firms including Wikistrat - a geostrategic consultancy firm, White Knight Group - specializing in counter-extremism campaigns, and several other firms in the information technology space. The Group is also an active investor in transnational infrastructure projects, property development and disruptive technologies across various sectors - including artificial intelligence and blockchain platforms. JZIG also co-invests alongside a wide network of family offices from around the world.

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Financial Times, September 2014

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Fast Company, June 2014

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International Policy Digest, October 2019

EXCLUSIVE: Intelligence Entrepreneur Joel Zamel Speaks Out For First Time Since Mueller Investigation

Daily Caller, July 2019

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